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Medium Dog CBD Oil(250mg)
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Medium Dog CBD Oil(250mg)


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Reinforce your dog’s physical and mental state with our Medium Dog CBD Tincture. Specially formulated for man’s best friend’s body, this tincture soothes sore bones and joints and improves his or her coat.

The cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid receptors in their central and peripheral nervous system, helping maintain balance in the body. The CBD helps:

Reduce inflammation
Relax sore muscles
Treat skin and ear issues
Decrease stress and anxiety
Increase energy
Improve the mood
Improve appetite
Is your dog entering his or her golden years? Our tinctures would work wonders on your aging friend! The CBD alleviates inflammation and sore muscles. Add a few drops to his or her food, and rest easy knowing the his or her discomfort will fade away.

CBD Oil for Your Dog

The CBD components in our tinctures help your dog live a longer, more active life. And we’re sure that he or she will love it.

No Psychoactive Effects – Just like in humans, the cannabinoids react with the receptors your dog’s body to modulate pain, anxiety and other issues, without getting them high. The tincture mainly contains CBD, the compound that delivers the therapeutic effects of marijuana.
Safe – Rest assured that our CBD oil is safe for your dog. How do we know this? Our team has tested the products on several canines, who reacted wonderfully to the administered treatment.
Pleasant Taste – Our CBD oil is blended with premium wild Alaskan fish oil, which dogs love. Your buddy will eat whatever you add the drops to.
No Additives – The tincture has no additives, so it’s suitable for raw food diets. Whether your dog loves dry or wet food, you can add the CBD oil without spoiling the meal.
Easy-to-Use Bottles – The tincture comes in a durable, high-quality frosted glass bottle with a dropper, which helps you control the dosage.

Giving Your Dog Some CBD Tincture

Similar to trying out new cannabis strains, we encourage starting with small amounts and closely monitoring the effects on your dog. Consult your veterinarian for a proper intial dosage.


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